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Alcohol Awareness Week

This years theme for Alcohol Awareness week is Alcohol and Cost. This gives everyone the chance to think about how much they drink and how much it costs them, whether that’s financially or personally.

Alcohol duty currently contributes around £12 billion a year in revenue, while alcohol harm is estimated to cost between £27 billion and £52billion a year (HM Revenue and Customs and HM Treasury, 2020)(Burton, R. et al. 2016).

The price of alcohol

A minimum unit price is the lowest price for which a single unit of alcohol may be sold. This is in effect in the UK, Scotland and Wales. This means that:

  • A single 25ml measure of spirits can not be cold for less than 50p
  • A pint of regular strength beer or cider for less than £1
  • Most bottles of wine for less than £5

The guidelines for both men and women state that:

  • The safest way to consume alcohol is to limit drinks to 14 units a week.
  • Spread alcohol drinking days over 3 or more days during the week.
  • Have several alcohol-free days each week.
  • If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the safest approach is not to drink alcohol at all, to keep risks to your baby to a minimum.

Even minimal alcohol consumption is not without risk. Alcohol is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions, including: mouth, throat, stomach, liver and breast cancers; high blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver; and depression.

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If you experience fits, shaking hands, sweating, seeing things that are not real, depression, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping after a period of drinking and while sobering up, then you may be clinically alcohol dependent and should NOT suddenly, completely stop drinking. Speak with the GP or the local community support services listed on this page.

Alcohol Recommendations for both Men and Women are up to 14 units a week.

Alcohol and Calories

  • 1g of Alcohol contains 7 calories.
  • Alcohol consumption accounts for 4-10% of adults who drink.

(, 2023)

A survey of 2,000 adults found that 80% didn’t know or under estimated the number of calories in a glass of wine, and 60% the calories in a pint of lager (Royal Society for Public Health, 2014).

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