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Homelessness Service

A Homeless Healthcare Pilot has been commissioned across Medway in which the main aim is to provide a nurse-led clinic that meets the Primary Care needs of the homeless population by:

  • Increasing the number of homeless people accessing a GP Practice
  • Addressing health needs sooner to prevent and reduce the need for this population to access out of hours and emergency services
  • Provide services to support self-care management

Dedicated clinics run on a weekly basis led by a Nurse Practitioner from the 411 AMAT Hub

All homeless patients who present at the hub without a GP registration in Medway will be registered with Halfway Practice and will receive a fully comprehensive physical, mental and sexual health assessment. Including signposting to other relevant services and a care plan developed in partnership with the individual.

The service is accessible to those (aged 18 years and above) who are experiencing homelessness e.g Rough Sleepers, Sofa Surfers and people who live in hostels or supported accommodation including refuge and night shelter residents.

For further details please contact: [email protected]