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NHS App – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ has been designed to answer some of the questions that may come to light whilst using the NHS App to access your health record. We will add to this section as new queries come in from Patents that are using the NHS App.

Q. In Consultations and events, who is: “DOCMAN, Pcti (Mr)” / MESSAGING, Patient Care (Mr)?

A. This field is typlically used for the consulter (Practice staff) who made the entry into our clinical system. However, the exception to these cases are:

  • DOCMAN, Pcti, (Mr) – is the consulter name used for filing 3rd party documents away in the patient’s clinical record. This, for example, could be a hospital letter / discharge summary.
  • MESSAGING, Patient Care (Mr) – this is used by our patient communications platform called iPlato. It is used to send messages from our Practice to you. This could be a request for you to book an appointment, a reminder to attend an appointment, or some general information the we have chosen to share with you.

Q. There are abbreviations in my medical record that I’m not sure what they mean, is there any help for this?

A. Your clinical record has traditionally been an internal facing record of your health and therefore clinicians and admin staff may have used abbrevisions instead of full wording. The NHS App team have come up with some of the most frequently used abbreviations and you can see them by clicking here