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Introducing our Dementia Care Coordinator

Introducing our new Dementia Care Coordinator, Joanne Tancred, at Maritime Health Partnership. 

Joanne is a very caring and passionate person; she is here to help support you and your loved ones throughout your journey, in any way she can.​

What is Dementia Care Coordinator and how can they support me?

A Dementia Care Coordinator is a professional working within a GP practice.  Their main focus is to support those affected by dementia and to help coordinate their care needs.  A Dementia Care Coordinator will help and support you throughout your journey, ensuring you are treated in accordance with you care plan. They will be your first point of contact and can provide you with connections to people and services available to you. They will provide support with clinical needs with your GP practice and can also signpost you to other organisations that provide support services in the community. They can also refer you to external organisations, for additional support, for example; Hospices, Care Homes, Respite Care and Social Services, to name a few.​

Will I need to contact my Dementia Care Coordinator regularly and why are they based in the GP surgery?

At the beginning of your journey you may feel a need to contact your Dementia Care Coordinator on a regular basis for support, until you become more familiar and confident with the care and support available to you. However, you can always contact them when you feel you have to need. The Dementia Care Coordinator works closely with the entire team within your GP surgery, including clinical staff, to ensure they can provide you with the best advice and support to cater for you individual needs.​

How can I contact my Dementia Care Coordinator?

Patients, Carers and Staff can contact Joanne through you’re her direct phone line 01634 557 048.Lines are open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm​