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Notification to patients for the digitisation of Lloyd George records

From the 6th June 2022 until Aug 2022, Maritime Health Partnership will be conducting a project to digitise all of our historic paper based patient medical records commonly known as Lloyd George medical records. This exercise in Digitising these records will enable better utilisation of practice space, increase security as well as making the full patient record easily accessible at the point of care to clinical staff within the practice.

On completion of the digitisation process, paper based records will be securely destroyed.  The scanning and destruction of the paper records will follow strict data protection guidelines adhered to by the NHS.

If you wish to discuss the scheme, please inform the Practice direct either by letter or via e-mail [email protected].

Whilst this work is carried out, we will not be able to access any of the paper notes for SARs requests. This will lead to a delay in being able to provide a full SAR.